Barry Wark

Maria Knutsson-Hall

Andreas Körner

Biophile is an expanding research collective which pursues research on biophilic architecture in the digital age.

Inspired by the theory of Biophilia, formulated by Edward Osborne Wilson (1984) as ‘the urge to affiliate with other forms of life’, we try to interweave contemporary design methods with the ancient human instinct to bond with nature. Biophile investigates this through urban, building, and human scale design thriving for a sustainable and biophilic conscious.

The research driven by the desire to establish a holistic formal language together with sustainable environmental strategies and material embedded performativity. Immersiveness, atmosphere and spatial narrative are as important as the conscious implementation of flora into architectural design. Here we embrace all sides of nature – both wilderness and beauty, growth and decay. We propose to venture beyond the application of green walls, but to harness plant’s performances. This includes plants to alter indoor climate, increase thermal comfort, communicate invisible spatial conditions as well as to blur the boundary between what is inside and outside.

Thresholds + Biophilia

Sensuality + Experience

Biomimetics + Materials

Digital Design + CNC Fabrication

Sustainability + Performance