Aqua Acoustics

Year 3 :Katie Dechow

Tutors Barry Wark + Maria Knutsson-Hall

Climate change and urbanisation are increasing the risk of extreme weather events. Coupled with the threat of rising sea levels and over land flooding, communities in low lying areas are being put at increased risk. With the number of people living in these areas continuing to rise and no sign of humans changing their actions in time to slow down the impacts of climate change, this research is focused on how we can mitigate the risk of rising sea levels and flooding whilst seeing water, not as a threat, but as an exciting and dynamic design tool. The research stipulates the idea that no amount of mitigation will prevent the potentially devastating impacts of flooding and climate change and therefore it’s necessary for us to adapt our buildings, communities and lifestyle by incorporating the biophilic aspects and acoustics of water into a work environment for the recycling of ocean plastics.