Ceramic Plant Pot

Low evaporating ceramic plant pot. There are few plant species that survives in a desert climate. Many plants can not obtain enough water and will either not grow at all or only during the rain periods. Some plants, however, have adapted to their environment. Cacti plants are among theses plants and grows all year around. The cactus has minimised the surface area that transpires water through not having any leaves. Instead, the plant stores the water inside the fleshy stem. This plant pot has been inspired by the cactus way of surviving the desert climate. By splitting a traditional plant pot up into a plant holder and a water container it is possible to slow the evaporation process down. The water container has minimal openings and is made of a thick ceramic clay. Only a string soaks the water up from the container to the plant. The outer pot is glazed in a highly reflective glaze to reduce solar radiation warming the inner water container. By protecting the water under the plant holder top soil is never wet. This prevents the fast evaporation that a conventional plant pot has.