Parliment De Catalunya

Year 3 :Faye Greenwood

Tutors Barry Wark + Maria Knutsson-Hall

With the turbulence of the EU the project asked the question :what might the Parliament of an independent Catalan be ?

The project drew on the regions sense of togetherness and brotherhood never more evident than in the Castel towers where many individuals come together to create the towering human structures.

This in turn led to the ambition to create a building where the interface between public and politician is dissolved and instead all members of the community can come together to better the future of Catalunya.

The building creates a new landmark building on the edge of the city where a series of ramped landscapes intertwine around the main debate chamber. Within these ramps are the offices of the politicians that are circulated by the public. Of course politics are never that open and there will always be lobbying and deals done in the shadows. Therefore the landscape is full of secret pockets , peep holes and acoustic interfaces where a whisper could become a shout and an argument a muted discussion.