Christina Grytten

Tutors: Barry Wark + Maria Knutsson-Hall

Savannah is an exploration into a novel spatial configurations of our office environments that are akin to our primal comfort zones. The seemingly default open plan is now being challenged by many designers as they look for more appropriate ways of working that reflect social and technological advances. The research attempts to address these issue by recreating the spatial concepts of refuge and prospect found in the savannahs of Africa that allowed our ancestors to thrive and develop.

The design for a new headquarters for an international shoe company is a public landscape ( prospect ) with water , topology for testing shoes and light mediating ‘ foliage’ at it centre. The edges are inhabited by the shoe designers offices and desks where they have the refuge of a ‘ back to the wall’ condition which allows them to peer out and observe people using the shoes , a beautiful landscape and an approaching ‘enemy’ bosses.