Soft Texture

Year 2 :Iago Souza

Tutors Barry Wark & Maria Knutsson-Hall

Soft texture is a body of research into how in a topological , open space architecture, we can use soft gradients of Texture to control and mediate the space in terms of light, air flow, people movement and inhabitation.

The project looks to the potential of global warming whilst understanding its cultural and environmental impacts. The proposal is to exploit Spains future geothermal capacity whilst providing a new beach front architecture for Barcelona so that it’s beach culture does not fade with soaring temperatures.

The beach front pavilions contain brewing facilities which take the end product of the geothermal power ( steam) and use this to sustainably brew the famous local estrella beer.

The result is a landscape of mediating, disintegrating , textured topologies that leave room for the imagination and enjoying of the Barcelona locals.